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The General Manager
Liverpool City Council

Dear Sir,

Our group is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of bushland values in Bankstown and adjoining parts of the Georges River. In recent months we have received expressions of concern over the destruction of remnant trees at New Brighton Golf Course, and also bushland at Wurrungwurri Reserve, Moorebank.

In the case of the former we were shocked to learn that the entire site had been cleared of the numerous native trees lining the fairways: surely some of these could have been incorporated into the design of the proposed residential area. It is disappointing that Council did not consider zoning for Environmental Management Zone 3, which could have combined protection of habitat values with residential development.

With regard to Wurrungwurri Reserve: we are concerned about the grading of vehicular access roads both within and around this exceptionally important bushland remnant, which is without doubt one of the most significant bushland remnants of its kind in the outer suburbs of Sydney. Road grading and dumping of soil has, in places, disturbed bushland margins that were previously stable, and which now are at risk of colonization by environmental weeds. The grading of a road through the centre of the reserve permits what we consider to be improper vehicular access into what should be a conservation zone for rare and uncommon flora and fauna.

We believe that remnant bushland should be treated more sensitively than this: heavy machinery and motor vehicles should be excluded from the core buhland area; the perimeter access tracks and set backs should provide adequate access for firefighting purposes, leaving the core bushland area as undisturbed habitat, managed primarily for its conservation, educational and aesthetic values.

Bankstown Bushland Society trusts that you will do everything necessary to rectify the damage and protect the area from any further adverse impacts that may be consequent with devolpment of surrounding areas.a

Yours faithfully,

Colin Gibson
(Secretary BBS)