Letter to Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight

The Hon. Duncan Gay
Minister for Roads, Maritime & Freight
C/- Parliament House, Sydney.

Dear Sir,
We have received report that the RMF is intending to widen sections of Henry Lawson Drive in the vicinity of Panania, East Hills and Picnic Point. Is this true? We point out that the road reserves in the area of Deepwater Park, East Hills Park, Monash Reserve and Lambeth Park all contain rare bushland and native flora much valued by the people of Bankstown and the Georges River.

The scenic values of bushland along Henry Lawson Drive between Picnic Point and Milperra should not be compromised by road widening and bushland destruction. Peak hour congestion is not an issue here where traffic proceeds at a respectable 60 kilometres per hour, and there is only a single set of lights along the whole length.

The Society wishes to make known it is opposed to any destruction of bushland in this area, and expects that any plans there may be for such road widening in this area be abandoned.
Yours faithfully,

Colin Gibson
Bankstown Bushland Society