Bankstown Bushland Society has been a strong advocate for remnant bushland preservation since 1988 and we are interested in the protection of remnant bushland and indigenous flora in Bankstown and the Georges River catchment.

Bankstown has about 300 hectares of remnant native vegetation with approximately 900 species of native plants, including many rare or threatened, such as the recently rediscovered Tylophora woollsii which was found on one of our Envirofund grant sites at Chullora. This plant has only once before been observed in the Sydney region, by its original discoverer the Reverend William Woolls, at Parramatta in the mid 19th century.

More than half of Bankstown’s bushland is situated along the sandstone corridor of the Georges River in the Georges River National Park, but there are dozens of other sites of varying sizes scattered through the densely urbanised clay-soil and scape of the city. Our largest Cumberland Plain Woodland site is the 99 hectare Lansdowne Reserve, home to rare flora such as Acacia pubescens, Pimelea spicata and Masdenia viridiflora.

What We Do

The Society undertakes walks, site inspections, flora study and volunteer bush regen at a range of sites. BBS members have participated in Bankstown Council’s Bushcare program for volunteers since its inception in 2002.

If you would like to join us, you can do so here.