Airport Reserve Milperra – Endangered Crown Land Bushland in Bankstown

AIRPORT RESERVE MILPERRA – ENDANGERED CROWN LAND BUSHLAND IN BANKSTOWNby Col Gibson, Bushland Bulletin, Summer (February) 2016 “Crown land should not be used as a means of access to freehold land. Such access should be via public road or right-of-way over other land. Site-specific impacts should be contained within the proposed development site. Proposed development should…

Letter to Mike Baird

We write to make known our opposition to the damaging impacts on Airport Reserve at Milperra as outlined in the Bankstown Business Estate Major Development Plan Concept, July 2015 (as proposed by LEDA Holdings) which is now up for public comment. The Business Park itself is on land owned by Sydney Metro Airpostd, but the plan clearly earmarks damaging impacts on the adjacent Airport Reserve, which is state owned Crown land open space zoned for recreational purposes.

Letter to Colin Grove CEO Bankstown Airport

Bankstown Bushland Society objects to the Plan for the Bankstown Business Estate on the Airport precinct on the grounds of its impacts on the public open space of Airport Reserve. It is clear from the Stakeholder Briefing Paper and Development Plan Concept that Airport Reserve is very much a part of the development plan, and that it is intended for it to accommodate a major new road entry into the development site, a 200 metre long slip lane giving access from the west, and a bus embayment.

ES should help with mess

ES should help with messTORCH Newspaper – 19/02/2003 YES, ES of Milperra (Torch, January 22) there is a disgusting mess along Milperra Road, some of it deliberately dumped, but most of it dropped by irresponsible passers-by. The members of the Bushland Society do not dump rubbish, nor do they actually own the bushland that ES…

Airport Reserve

Bankstown Airport Limited and LEDA Holdings want to annexe Airport Reserve on Milperra Road for the new Business Park they are planning. If this happens it will destroy the ecological values of one of the last remaining examples of Cooks River Castlereagh Ironbark Forest left in Bankstown.