• F1000014_12.10.2015

    Callistemon pinifolius (centre right) . Only very old specimens remain due to weed infestations preventing seedling development.

  • F1000013_12.10.2015

    cotoneaster dominated bushland margin

  • F1000012_12.10.2015

    cotoneaster dominated bushland margin

  • F1000011_12.10.2015

    a specimen of the endangered Persoonia nutans

  • F1000007_12.10.2015

    the same dead tree (at left) and a healthy tree of same species growing in the open

  • F1000006_12.10.2015

    a eucalypt killed by an apron of African Olive and cotoneaster

  • F1000004_12.10.2015

    an intrusion of African Lovegrass monoculture in the core area

  • F1000001_12.10.2015

    an ironbark with an apron of African Olive around it that will likely kill it if not removed